Information About SELFSO.COM

SELFSO.COM is a private organization that provides Internet services to its members, and hosts projects that are developed in open source or within the organization.

The word selfso is of obscure origin from ancient Chinese Tao philosphy. The word literally means nature in the contemporary language. The contexual meaning of the word, however, denotes the essence of the inertness of object(s). Being truthful to one's natural order and function is to be selfso.

OUT OF DATE INFO! But this photo is from back in 2003 :)

Currently, SELFSO.COM runs a server that provides:

  • Web server (Apache HTTP and Secure Apache-SSL).
  • Email access (SMTP, POP3, or Web).
  • Public CVS access to software projects.
  • Public mailing lists of different subjects.
  • Secure Shell account access.
The server is a Sun Microsystems SunFire V100 (64-bit UltraSparc-IIe, 512MB ECC DRAM, 40GB IDE-HD) that runs the Solaris 9 operating system. As of 8/27/03, the server has been relocated to Viosoft's network on a T-1 line.

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